Jul 20, 2009

CG con demos

In 2009, I was honored to be able to present a couple of workshops for a conference called CG-con.

The first presentation focused on using 3d concept design (Zbrush) before starting a production model. The entire process takes less than 2 work days (about 10 hours), including basic texture work, and is enough to show a creative director to obtain feedback. Since this is done in 3D, it can be evaluated from multiple angles and deformed to test for deformation volumes. Since it's not a real production asset, you can feel free to change it. The short editing and turnaround time make this an ideal production choice.

The changes in proportion are meant to reflect art-direction you might get at various stages of pre-production. This is meant to illustrate the flexibility of this process.

This image shows the basic pipeline discussed in the talk. It's based on work I did at Blue Sky Studios on digital Marquette making for pre-production and my limited experience working in games.

The second demonstration was just about sculpting in Zbrush to see how far we could get in a couple of hours.  Here is where we started and finished:

The model is for demo and is not a finished piece but illustrates three of the key points of the talk (I hope).

  • Point A: Not every muscle needs to be 100% flexed at all times for something to feel strong.
  • Point B: You can describe a relatively complex set of forms without having to use millions and millions of polys, lots of wrinkles/pores etc.
  • Point C: You can "sketch" a creature to the point where the major forms are described in very little time.


Mohammad.Modarres said...

really nice presentation and demo,i have some method like you in my cartoony work flow:),inspiring stuff

PHiL said...

Great demo! I had never thought to use Maya for re-topoing. I'll give it a try next time and will definitely check out BodyPaint 3D.

Steve said...

superb post Danny... very inspirational.

jonathanlin said...

danny you are my hero.

andrewQuintiliani said...

...wow... Really impressive. What was the program you used for the texturing segment? It looked like it said Body Painter 3d?

I am totally blown away!

Cody Bellimer said...

sweet stuff man! are u using NEXT for the retopo? the videos going so fast I'm not sure. what r u using? I'm curious? thanks man!

pointpusher said...

Moved the presentation info to it's own blog and added source files you can download from the presentation.