Mar 1, 2010


This is my first attempt at narrative in a project.  This one is about people who get stuck in their ways.  For as much as most people like to think games and film are moving at light speed, the truth is, it's a usually a bunch of old ass men stuck doing things the way they did them 10 or 15 years ago.

Most CG artists find their professional legs in their early to mid twenties, before families and other time commitments make their craft feel more like work.  Once you've settled in to a routine, it's easy to let go of the drive to be a better artist in favor of being a good enough artist to make a living. Digital sculpting is a great example of the clash of newer technology and older thinking.

It's hard to abandon your preferred work-flow in favor of something new every few years, but in the age of computers, it might be necessary. Oddly, people who have attained skill using the older ways of doing things, while embracing the speed of newer tools are usually the most adept at creating compelling pieces.  Those are the people I'd like to learn from the most.