Jun 4, 2010

New Post, Old Script

This week two people were interested in a really old script I used in a couple of videos a while back. The script helps with retopo in Maya. Since those days, topogun has become available, and is a vastly superior way to work with topology. If you don't have access to topogun, this method does work well (I think) in Maya, but if you do have topo-gun... well, I'd use that.

Click here to get the script (1.4 KB):

Usage video below (21:09 min.):

Untitled from pointpusher on Vimeo.


tomsaville said...

Is that Allen the Alien from the Invincible comics?

pointpusher said...

Hey Tom, hope all is well sir. Naw, just a lame cyclops I sculpted a while back.

Nori Tominaga said...

Hi Danny, I know it's late but I just followed along with your video here. What a great script thankyou! I've tried topogun. I can see how it's so powerful but I got frustrated using a new tool so this is perfect. One question. You have a double perspective cam using isolate select. Yet isolate select (for me) only shows the faces your working on and any new faces are made invisible. How did you get it to work?! Thanks!