Nov 28, 2010


Could mess with this thing forever, but it's time to move on to something new.  He was fun while he lasted.  The last video is a tutorial for working with multiple pieces on a single character in Zbrush.

 Session One: Blocking in shapes

Session Two: Adjusting the silhouette

Session Three: More Silhouette adjustments

Session Four: Adding some Details

Session Five: Retopo for final detail sculpting

Session Six: A texture session in Bodypaint

A turntable for the high-res sculpt

The textured, game res model.

A tutorial about working with multiple pieces on a single character in Zbrush


andrewQuintiliani said...

Really beautiful piece, I actually learned quite a bit from watching you make this.

pointpusher said...

Andrew, you're always too kind man. I learned some stuff making him too, hopefully I can make my next project better.

AngryPolygon said...

this looks great! some of my favorite art is the kind that looks like the artist had a lot of fun making it, and this definitely has it! how do you like the marmoset toolbag?