Dec 23, 2010

Flying Monkey Sketch.

Another fun character exploration.  He's loosely based on a design by Mr. Adam Hughes.  I might like to go back and pick this one up one day.  The last video is a tutorial showing some stuff I do in Maya.

Part One: Finding some shapes I like

Part Two: Fleshing out the character a bit more

Part Three:Costume exploration

Part Four: Adding somedetails

Part Five: Re-doing the face and head

Part Six: Adding the parachute

Tutorial: Extruding on curves in Maya

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey Danny,

Thanks for your "wacky stuff I do in Maya" Video. I found some of the stuff really helpful. Especially the no lights view in Maya. I do mobile games, and I have been using a surface shader to see my model textures as they appear with no lights. Now I can skip that step thanks to you!

- John Dyer