Aug 8, 2012

zbrush 4R4 retopo

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Man, it's been a while since I posted anything!  This is a quick bust I did using Zbrush 4R4.  The new retopo tools are pretty neat.


Darrin said...

Nice. I was wondering if I would see a retop character from someone soon.
Cool character. Did you modify the mesh further in another package? The far right character looks to have more subdivisions then the middle picture..
Also did you polypaint this model too or are the textures in another package as well?

Love it. As always

pointpusher said...

Darrin, thanks man! Nope, it was all Zbrush. No other applications used. The model in it's final state is the same in all poses.

Chris Koehler said...

Hello Danny, I seen your demo at the Zbrush booth today day. Awesome stuff man, I have been watching your blog for a bit now, and i was cool to watch you work first hand.

Juany said...

It seems your awesome UI isn't working anymore with ZB4R4. Any thoughts? :(

Nathan said...

Love this sculpt. DO you prefer the dynamesh/retopo workflow or the bassmesh/sculpt workflow? I supose it's likely project dependant, eh?

bubblegum casting said...

very nice work!