Jan 1, 2013

visualarium cartoon design assignment

Here is the second design/model from my current visualarium character design in 3D course.  I uploaded him to P3d with some quick textures.  happy New Year all!


Vinicius Barros said...

Hi Danny
Nice works!
I liked a lot
I have a question
How do you post this 3d models? is this a pluguin?
I've searched about it but I didn´t find anything
Happy new year

pointpusher said...

Thanks very much! Check out http://p3d.in/ that's the site that lets you upload etc. From there, you can get an embed code for a blog or webpage etc. Good luck, and let me know if this is not clear. Happy New Year.


Vinicius Barros said...

Hi Danny
Man, I haven't tested yet
Happened some things in this begin of year. I´ve been busy
BUt, thanks for the attention. I want to test it soon. I´ll say to you if I can.

Nicolas Boyer said...

Really cool to see him. Like the design of this character !

bubblegum casting said...

Nice design!