Jul 23, 2013

Some Turbo stuff:

I had the pleasure of working on Turbo as a modeler and got the chance to try my first bit of Vis-Dev for Dreamworks doing some graffiti art for the film.  I worked with some great people on this movie,  learned a TON, and made some good friends.

This is the house where Turbo lives and works.  The model was later updated and changed by other artists, but what you see here is the version I had the pleasure of working on.  Each piece of geometry in things like the roof tiles and wall slats was unique in order to be able to accept a different material and/or texture.  Finding the right level of stylization with which to infuse the model was challenging, but I love where we landed. It was a fun model to make.

This is a busted up car in the garage of the house.  The design was based on an old Alpha Romeo Spider, tweaked to pull it in to the shape language of the world described in the film.  Projects like these are the most fun to model because you have to figure out just how far to push the style.

In one sequence, the snails are brought in to a garage and they race on a makeshift track, cobbled together by the people who work in a strip mall. This was a really fun model to work on because of all the little details and figuring out what the track was actually made of.

This was a work in progress version of a character that got cut from the film.  Originally she was slated to be the niece of the chairman of Nascar who happened to be infatuated with Snails.  


Probably the most fun thing I had a chance to work on was this graffiti  .  It was used all over the film in the background on walls, bridges, and the LA River.  Graffiti was the first art form I fell  in love with as a little kid growing up in New York, and it was great to be able to create digital versions for a feature film.  These are all photoshop (except the concrete background, that's a photo :-)

I'll add more Turbo stuff later, but these are the things I had the most fun working on, so I figured they should be posted first.  


Chris Koehler said...

very clean models, I totally dig the car.

Doug Williams said...

Awesome work. You have such crazy talent. I love that graffiti, it's hard to get that right, but these are spot on.

Anonymous said...

Awesome house model. Can you maybe make a tutorial on how you model this house, or some parts of it? :)

Anonymous said...

u r a fkng beast. kind of wants to make me watch 'turbo' just to see your work in full color, lol..