Sep 29, 2013

New character development..

Here are a bunch of development sketches I'm doing to create a new character for class... He is a cartoony hipster version of the creature from the black lagoon.

As I continue to develop the look, and narrow down the style, I'll keep updating this post.

First, some light research to get me thinking about "hipster" stereotypes...
Next I do a couple of paintings to learn how I might want the character to look, I like to start with the face.  

Next, I start doing some gestural sketches of the body to explore different proportions.

"paper doll" sketches for quick costume exploration...

After I have some ideas about the costume, I try to start thinking about the style.  These are the first steps toward finalizing the look of the character before moving on to creating a maquette and finishing the design in the round.


Cassie said...

dude this is awesome !

albina N muro said...
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