Nov 18, 2013

CTN 2013

This weekend I had the chance to attend CTN 2013 as a guest presenter for Pixologic and also as a presenter on the main stage.  I'll post the pixologic videos if they post them online, but below is a link to the interview and sketch session we did on the main stage.  It was scary but fun.  I also got to reacquaint with old friends and colleagues like Shihan Barbee, Walter de LeonSteve "Sketchbot" Talkowski, Punn Wiantrakoon, Joseph Drust, Kurt Papstein, Bobby Pontillas, Jake Parker, Katy Hargrove, Greg Couch, and many more!

I also got to meet the amazing Dominic QwekCory Loftis, and Marty Havran, and Sandro Cluezo.

So many cool and skilled people. A much needed dose of inspiration, and thoroughly humbling!


Shawn Kirsch said...

thanks for the video

Wally H said...

Great stuff Mr Williams.

Fabrício Antunes said...

I really like this video.