Apr 2, 2014

Tantor demo Timelpase

This is from a recent modeling demonstration.  Usually, I like to sculpt original designs, but this was done for a demonstration of modeling in Zbrush to an existing design. Tantor was designed (I believe) by Glen Keane and Sergio Pablos(If this is not the case, someone, please let me know).  If you want to try the UI I'm using, check here: http://www.pointpusher.com/prefs

In this first hour, I spend an hour blocking in all the parts.

In the second hour I try to get closer with silhouette, proportions, and plane changes.

In the Third hour, I try to nail down the shape more and block-in color.  The point of the exercise is to see if in a few hours we can get something worthy of showing an art director, character design lead, etc.


Kristen said...

Awesooome!! I always love seeing your process. I think he's pretty spot on! Beautiful work!!

Pointpusher said...

You are tooooo kind! How are you guys?