Feb 21, 2012

Bikers for a worskshop

In March I'm going to be speaking at a workshop on quick character design in Zbrush.  I'll be using the troll models from my last workshop and these bikers as demo tools.  During the workshop, I'll add another member to the biker gang in under and hour and a half.


Unknown said...

will this workshop be available to the public? Is there any way to get into this workshop?

hugo said...

i would like to participate of one of your workshops, did you plan a online classes?

Ras said...

Hi, I am also very interested in participating in a workshop. What format will it be in?


Anonymous said...

These are awesome. What Zbrush material are you using for the eyes?

Bruno Jiménez said...

Great works as always :D
I just wanted to say thanks for your base mesh. I started using it for my speeds. You can take a look in my site. Just click my name up there!

thanks again for sharing, and keep the good work :D!!

GhettoFab said...

sliiiiiiiiiiick! Youre the hotness!