Feb 11, 2012

Free Downloads

These are meshes I made for a recent talk.  I told the people attending the workshop I'd publish the models for them to download and mess with.  They are rough, not production level models, but decent concept pieces.  They are for Zbrush 4.2b and you can grab them here:


Mikko Voipio said...

This is one of the most inspirational blogs I've seen. You make using Zbrush seem so easy. Wish I had the brain capacity to use it. Thank you for this blog and all the videos etc.

Anonymous said...

merci ! j ai beaucoup appris grace a vous merci! nephentes

J Ish said...

I don't have zbrush, but am interested in the way all art is accomplished, and I would love to see what the different artists do with Danny's models. This is a great opportunity for you! Danny is such a great inspirational talent..... and so generous! Thanks, Danny!