Sep 12, 2014

Teaching sample: Polypainting

Every Thursday night, I teach a class over at Studio Arts here in Southern California.  I usually do recaps for major subjects, and did one last week for polypainting in Zbrush.  Here are some recap videos I did for the class, that I wanted to share with the world.

If you're ever in So-Cal and can take a class, great, but if you're not, I also teach classes online at, so maybe I'll be lucky enough to meet you there one day virtually or in person!  Have a great day all, and Happy Zbrushing!!!

Part One, a timelapse of blocking in the bull man.  
The music is from the album The Philadelphia Experiment:

Part Two, some things to keep in mind when polypainting

Part Three, Polypainting demo

Here is the bust I created for the demo as a Zbrush project file (not a Ztool, so you have to open this with the file menu at the top of zbrush, not the load ztl button.  I did it this way to preserve the shaders on the subtools).
Download the bust HERE:
Here is a link to my Zbrush UI with instructions on how to load and use the UI. please read the "readMe" file :-)
Download the UI HERE:

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