Nov 30, 2014

CTNX 2014

I Had a great time at CTNX 2014.  I sold a sketchbook for the first time, thanks to my friend and mentor Mike Defeo. If you don't know Mike's work, please, check here:  

 Here are some pics from the show:

My book, Fat Man, Little Pencil: Volume 1 (yeah, I went there, get your mind out of the gutter people! :-)

Blue Sky mini reunion part I: Lisa, Mike, and Myself

Signing a book for Mr. Joseph Drust

Cheesing for the camera

I got to meet a bunch of cool artists, like Leticia Reinaldo!  Check out her incredible skills on display here:

Giving a demo for Pixologic, trying to sculpt a Paul Gaboury caricature.  Check out some cool videos from Paul here:

Here with former Dreamworks cohort Melissa Encinas.  What a nice lady!  Check her art out here:

Here is my old boss, and a great friend and mentor, Mr. Sam Michlap.  He's an INSANE painter.  Check out his work here:

Blue Sky mini-reunion Pt. 2.  Mike, Steve Talkowski (AKA Sketchbot) and myself.  If you don't know Steve's work, check it out here:

Paul and Louie of Pixologic being the BEST SPORTS EVER!  My cheap caricatures could never capture the raw, animal magnetism these two gents generate.  Check Louie out here:  

One of my favorite moments of all of CTN.  André Inojosa (center) made some sculptures for me and Pedro Conti (left).  Oh yeah, they BOTH came all the way from BRAZIL to attend the event.   To see andre's work, check here:   To see Pedro's work, check here: What a great couple of guys!  

Some of the prints I sold at the show. 

The incredible Sean Hannon was kind enough to take a pic with me.  This man is one of the coolest, nicest, and most kind people I have the pleasure of knowing.

Speaking of amazing people, This is Vicki Sauls.  She is a super nice person, unless you are made of clay.  Then, she will kill you dead!  She's an incredible sculptor!  Check out what a shape assassin she is here:

I also got a chance to meet new friends, like Mr. Chase Conley, and see old friends, like BK's own Shihan Barbee.  Chase is in the middle, to see his work, check here.  Shi is on the right, check out his work here.

And finally, the highlight of the event for me was a very personal one, I got to meet Mr. LeSean Thomas.  Not only do I like his work a lot, we also found out we both came from the same block, same housing projects, same era, knew the same folks etc.  And, we both made it from the South Bronx in the 80s' to the animation field.  What a small world.  I don't think anyone else can truly understand what it means for us to have met each other 39 years from our birth (we were even born the same year), 3000 miles away from where we were raised, and both knee deep in art.  Salute my brother.   To check out his amazing work, look here:


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